YA Clearances


The aviation industry is experiencing acclivitous growth and with fresh companies entering this field, there is a dire requirement of ingenious companies which can facilitate the aviation companies to manage their work efficiently along with getting authorization from DGCA.

The most fundamental aspect of an airline company is to get the requisite permissions to fly, which is only at the sole discretion of DGCA, India. An airline can only take off and land the flight once it has the mandatory approval to do so; at MAK Airways we comprehend the fact of getting over the cumbersome procedure of acquiring the flight permits, slots in time and landing permits, thus helping the aviation companies acquire the much-needed approvals for their flights to take off and land in time without creating any chaotic experience. In order for the airline industry to concentrate on their primary objective, it is epochal to seek assistance from an innovational company which would be able to take care of all the allied services associated with an airline, especially the take-off and the landing permit.

We at MAK Airways are a consummate solution provider to the airline companies. We cater to all the services which are associated with the aviation industry, ranging from aircraft management to consulting to YA clearance.


In order to get a slot in time, landing permit and take off permit, the airlines need DGCA approval. It is only after the approval of DGCA that an aviation company can fly and land the flight and the cycle involved in this entire process of the permit refers to YA clearance.

MAK Airways is an illustrious service provider, which helps you in getting all the coveted approvals to facilitate smooth functioning, thus helping you to avoid any last minute changes or hiccups.


The best way to succeed in any business is to have a strong leasing and business association network. MAK Airways close association with civil association authorities and some of the most reputable companies have ensured that we have all the landings, overflight permits and slots in place.

We have an adept, agile and dedicated team which helps to mentor you on the local regulations and understand the requirements for overflight and landing permits. If required, we also help you with the local VISA regulations, requirements and other information related to the YA clearance.

If you wish to explore this option and choose to hand over the YA clearance service to one of the most competent companies, then it is a must that you connect with us today.