Q-400 [Indian DGCA]

We provides the Bombardier Dash8 Q-400 Initial Type Rating according to Indian DGCA requirements.

Dash8 Q-400 Course Entry Requirements

  • Valid CPL(A) or ATPL(A) issued by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)
  • 70 hours as a PIC.
  • Valid ME, IR.
  • Valid Class I Medical Certificate.
  • English level 4 according to ICAO.

Additional training

  • LVO (Low Visibility Operations)
  • Extra Sessions

The MCC course can either be integated in your type rating course (please see training footprint) or it can be performed in an FNTP II simulator during your theoretical training.

Dash8 Q-400 Facts you should know

  • The Dash8 Q-400 is also known as the De Havilland Canada Dash-8 400.
  • The "Q" in the name of the jet stands for "Quite.", due to its advanced Active Noise and Vibration Suppression System, which reduces the noise level greatly in the cabin.
  • The Bombardier Dash8 Q-400 is one of the most fuel efficient commercial aircraft on the market.
  • Bombardier took over the production of Dash8 Q-400 and put the focus on the design of the Q series after it acquired de Havilland Canada.