CVR / DFDR Readouts


The aviation industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in terms of acclivitous growth and incessant changes, and what's more important is that you should have an eagle eye to monitor all these unceasing changes. The flights are being controlled based on statistics and data and in order for it to be very precise and accurate, you need progressive systems and devices in place which can help you to properly analyze this data. What's even more important is the precise way of a collection of the data.

Apart from this, the aircraft operators are required to carry out maintenance readout regularly, at least once a year. This information or data is applicable to both the DFDR or Digital Flight Data Record and CV (Voice) Record-

The analysis service by MAK includes 

We have also extended these services to many revered clients. We comprehend the fact that such data is confidential and critical, but with working by your side, all the information is secured and safe. We carry through analysis and investigation of the Digital flight data record and the voice record and once the reports are ready it is passed on to the client.


If you are wondering why to outsource this service? Then you must know that having an in-house readout service, demands training cost and operational cost, however, when MAK Airways work for you, all you need to do is send us the data via a secured channel and we take care of the rest. MAK Airways has a dedicated team which has been trained to work on data record and voice record. Once we receive the information, our team starts working on it and, within 5 business days, we provide a complete and detailed report of the data that has been analyzed by our team. Not only we do the analysis of the data, but at the same time, we also keep a record of all the analysis done by us which can be accessed by you at any point of time.

Here is a quick snapshot at the DFDR and CVR Readout-

So, don’t wait any further; there is no need to invest in an in-house team, with MAK Airways by your side, you can leave everything to us and concentrate on your core business. To get quotes, connect with us today.