Aviation Accessories


Flying high in the sky is one of the most wonderful experience. But when you decide to fly make sure that your flight has all the necessary equipment to make your flying experience safe and enjoyable one.

MAK Airways offers you a variety of aviation equipment to meet your variegated needs. Apart from supplying GPS receivers, we also provide latest flying manuals, checklists, navigation chart and other necessary equipment and documents which you must have while flying.

Whether you are new to the flying zone or are a trained professional you would definitely need your own professional equipment. We offer products of top brands manufacturing, aviation accessories, the likes of which include –microphones, kneeboards, logbooks, refurbished aviation headsets, traffic transponders, glide scope indicators, handled radios and transceivers etc.

Apart from the regular aviation accessories, we also offer a wide range of memorabilia which is just a click away, from vintage aviation goggles, manuals etc. we offer a gamut of choices to people who are looking for collectibles related to aviation. It’s a wonderful gifting idea as well as a great way to decorate your office.

If you are new to this, you can anytime consult with our customer care division who will guide you with the complete list of accessories which you need to have in flight.

We suggest equipping your flight with safety equipment like backup transceivers, portable weather radios, air traffic alert system and much more. If you have been wondering where to find this equipment, then all you need to do is connect with MAK Airways.