About Us


Founded in 2014, MAK AIRWAYS has rapidly grown to become an industry leader in the field of Aviation services like training of pilots, charters, leasing of pilots, supply chain management, inventory management, purchasing/ marketing of aircraft material, spares pooling/ leasing, repair management, aircraft dismantling and technical services. By delivering well-defined value added solutions, we serve to a broad customer base including major domestic and international airlines; aircraft engine manufacturers, regional airlines, cargo carriers, governments, and engine maintenance and overhaul shops.


MAK Airways Private Limited envisions itself as the leading and the most trustworthy brand in the history of the industry – being synonymous with bringing quality airworthy products and services to the very doorstep of a host of clients and hence elevating the aviation industry to newer and unforeseen heights.

We provide the highest quality and safety standards in the commercial as well as general business aviation maintenance and distribution services at the most competitive price to our customers. We guarantee excellent customer service and quality experiences.


MAK Airways Private Limited is a renowned name for its stringent and premium quality standards – in both products as well as services. Along with thorough knowledge of the quality standards as per the rules and regulations of Directorate of Civil Aviation, MAK also keeps a tab on the highest quality criteria of the best of the best in the international market. While MAK surpasses the quality standards as per the Govt of India, it strives tirelessly to compete with the international best in quality of products and services – so that it can deliver the absolute best to its esteemed clients, each and every time.